We want to bring real benefits and satisfaction to the customer, presenting ourselves as the point of reference for any packaging and warehousing activity, providing a competitive and totally reliable service alongside the global logistics and shipping process. With this, alongside a wide range of products, we want to become the industry leader.

As a trusted partner, Spigolon Imballaggi collaborates with the customer from the design phase of made-to-measure models to delivery and the after-sales service, relying on expert consultancy able to manage the most complex shipping systems. When safety becomes a fundamental requirement and products must be entirely reliable, Spigolon Imballaggi makes its experience and research in the field of special applications available to its customers.

We make a commitment to the customer.
Shipping is the last step in the processing of an order and we are committed to completing the delivery of the goods and responding to customer requests with generosity, fairness and integrity.

We are committed to and passionate about wood.
Our passion for wood and packaging allows us to put effort into the things we do and the projects we develop; this means putting enthusiasm, initiative, courage, and motivation into everything we do.

The value of tradition.
We treasure the culture we come from and our experience, which together help us to renew and innovate without neglecting our values towards the territory, people, and organisation.