And much more...

  • Impact protection materials (bubble wrap, polystyrene, corrugated cardboard)
  • Cardboard, plastic, aluminium or steel dies
  • Packing list/multilingual packing list
  • Inspection hatches
  • Ventilation grilles
  • Humidity indicators
  • Moisture indicators are used to check the integrity of the packaging, quantify the moisture present inside, and verify the drying efficiency of desiccant bags without opening the packaging. The indicator tag is a piece of paper with chemicals in it that are sensitive to ambient humidity, which change colour when the relative humidity in the surrounding environment exceeds that indicated on the spot.


  • Shock and overturn indicators:
    • SHOCKWATCH: The shock indicator records and signals the potentially damaging stresses experienced by a shipping package. Shockwatch is very easy to use: just stick it on the package to be monitored and it is activated immediately.
    • TILTWATCH: the tilt indicator records and signals potentially harmful tilts to large packages. It is designed to monitor goods that must remain upright during transport and storage

Advantages of indicators:

  • They reduce mistreatment during transport and storage
  • They provide indisputable evidence of mismanagement
  • They act as a visual deterrent for misuse
  • They advise the addressee to inspect the contents before acceptance
  • They promote the chain of responsibility for all those who handle the product
  • They confirm the effectiveness of packaging
  • They helping to identify problem points in the supply chain, from production to transport and storage