Products In VCI - Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor

VCI is an anti-corrosive protection system for metal products, based on the chemical additivation of a support (which can be paper, polyethylene film, diffusers, sponges, etc.).
The chemicals within the substrate, which sublimate and diffuse in the packaging, form a thin invisible layer capable of neutralising potential agents that can induce metal corrosion, such as water vapour, saline atmosphere, sulphurous gases and the most common industrial and environmental pollutants present in the air.

This occurs without leaving any visible traces, and without affecting the metal product; your materials will be immediately ready for assembly, clean and in perfect condition, with no need to waste time cleaning up dirty and polluting oil or grease.

  • Barrier bag with VCI protection
  • Anticorrosive VCI thermoshrinking film
  • VCI anti-corrosive sponges
  • VCI protective oil
  • Emitters